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World's renowned cellular aging expert - Dr Vincent Giampapa - What's really the root cause for aging and degenerative diseases?

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How our Age, Body, Cells and Skin are inter-related

The skin is the largest organ in the body. You’ll usually see a dramatic relation between age and skin, especially a seemingly reversal in the ageing process as the skin improves. There are a number of reasons to use facial treatments before bed. During the day when our system is ...

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Telomeres and Finiti

Have you heard about telomeres?  Probably not. Telomeres are the end of chromosomes. They are here to protect our DNA. They are also made of DNA.  But the sequences which are forming telomeres are repetitive DNA.  It means that they are made of same genetic codes repeated two thousand times. ...

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Understanding Stem Cells

Have you heard about stem cells? I’m sure. I wish to share with you my knowledge about stem cells. How magical they are. And how they are changing the medical world. To understand what are stem cells, let’s go back to life.  How life started.  Life between humans starts by ...

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Celluar Age Management System

Telomere maintenance and protection The science of telomeres is all over the media. We see many other companies coming out with products that claim to stimulate telomerase and help regrow your telomeres.  Well, that in itself is really not an optimal approach to cellular ageing. There are a number of ...

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Ageing process at genetic level

Today we are at a turning point in the ageing process. We now know that there is no one single thing that can actually make a dramatic impact in the ageing process. In reality, the new research and the new sciences of telomeres, stem cells, the changing patterns that we ...

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